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Why use 3D printing

According to Fortune Business Insights, 3D printing, commonly known as Additive Manufacturing (AM), was valued at USD 15.10 billion in 2021 and is expected to expand at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 24.3% from 2022 to 2029, mostly adopted for prototyping applications in various industries and working concepts. Now it is possible to do lowscale production at a much lower price and faster than traditional manufacturing, making agile product development and lean manufacturing possible. 3D printing can save you more than just production costs. You can save on average 

1 %

Raw materials are added layer-by-layer and only where needed. The printing process dramatically reduces material waste, unlike subtractive manufacturing methods.

1 %

The complex design is possible using sophisticated algorithms such as topology optimization and generative design tools to optimize a part’s geometry and material distribution. 

Lead time
1 %

Since the need for tooling is eliminated, designing and producing parts can be significantly accelerated.  

1 %

Reducing the number of parts needed can significantly simplify the assembly and maintenance process by reducing the amount of time required for assembly.

What We Do


Rapid Prototyping

Get your concept models, looks-like prototypes, and functional prototypes within days.


Rapid Tooling

Create your custom moulds with hundreds of possible combinations of materials and finishes.

mass production

Rapid Production

Production on demand allows you to minimize inventory cost and space.

operational system

Post Processing

We have your back, whether it's surface, coating, or paint finish.

Our Services

3D Printing

Suitable for prototyping, low volume production, tooling, and customization

CNC Machining

Suitable for rapid prototyping, production, tooling, and customization

How We Work


Send Your CAD File & Requirements

Email your CAD file at [email protected] and tell us your material, quantities, and a short project description. If you’re unsure, we can guide you.


Receive Your Quote

You’ll get an email with quotation. You can book a call with us if you want to talk about the best and most cost-effective way for your project.


Pay And Manufacture

Once your project is approved, well start bringing your idea to life within a few days, depending on the quantity. You will be updated, and well ensure you get what you want. 


Receive Your Parts & Review

We ship to you at your destination and send a tracking code for shipping status updates.

Why Partner With Us


Lower Running Cost

Save operating expenses, machine, build material, and labour costs.

Agile Manufacturing

Have the option to change your product mix in a short time and react to the market's condition faster.

Lead Time Reduction

Reduce your time for tooling, ordering raw materials, and machine maintenance and match your production rates with the market's demand.

Waste Reduction

Reduce or eliminate your stock for tooling, the chance for damaged or worn tools, repair, scrap, and storage.

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