Basic Design Guide For CNC Milling

Table of Contents

Common Features In CNC Milling

The table below summarizes the recommended and technically feasible values for the most common features encountered in CNC machined parts.

Feature Recommended size Feasible size
cnc-illustration-SMALL FEATURES Min. feature size Ø 2.5 mm Ø 0.50 mm
cnc-illustration-INTERNAL EDGE Internal edges R 8 mm R 0.25 mm
cnc-illustration-MINIMUM WALL THICKNESS Minimum wall thickness 0.8 mm (for metals)
1.5 mm (for plastics)
0.5 mm (for metals)
1.0 mm (for plastics)
cnc-illustration-DRILLING Holes Diameter:standard drill bit sizes
Depth: 4 x diameter
Diameter: Ø 0.5 Depth: 10 x diameter
cnc-illustration-THREADS Threads Size: M6 or larger
Length: 3 x diameter
Size: M2